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Breitling instead of Berlinale: Exclusive watch party in Munich

So tick the VIP men: Beautiful watches beat their hearts higher. And that’s why prominent men such as the actors Heino Ferch, Ken Duken, Kai Wiesinger and Clemens Schick came to Munich on Tuesday evening. And let the Berlinale be Berlinale for an evening. They embarked on an exciting journey through time in the world… Read More »

Rosa García Malea already has her official watch Breitling Eagle Patrol

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Rosa García Malea, the first woman to join the Eagle Patrol, received her official Breitling watch on 25th May to play with her teammates. Rosa García Malea received on 25 May from the hand of Don Javier Pomar, president of honor of breitling replica watches swiss movement Spain, the official watch that the brand gives… Read More »

Breitling Avenger Hurricane watch military version of the heavy comeback hard to block

New Breitling Avenger Hurricane watch military limited edition arrogant debut, filling the extraordinary performance and bold character. The cool black case is made of innovative Breitlight material. The dial is set in an air-molded digital time scale and is equipped with a dedicated 24-hour time drive from the Breitling self-winding self-winding movement. “Domineering superiority of… Read More »

Breitling Watches: history, models, collections and price

The Breitling watches arise from the foundation by Léon Breitling watches a workshop in the Swiss swears. This Breitling Atelier was born in 1884, who decided to manufacture exclusive watches and specialized in the construction of chronographs and counters. In 1915, in fact, breitling invented a watch that will be the precursor of the wrist… Read More »

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Frence Constant Vintage Rally: new tribute to the Healey

Here is a story that lasts! Indeed, it is already twelve years that France Constant is “associated” with the Healey cars. And within the framework of this beautiful partnership, the watchmaker has just unveiled three limited series Vintage Rally; Watches of 40 mm, “three date hands” of vintage inspiration that will each be produced in… Read More »

Replicas Breitling Watches Chronoliner

Breitling unveils 2015 model Chronoliner steel. 2016, the winged brand “B” offers this 46mm re sports watch replica, ultra-complete with chronograph functions, date and GMT with ceramic bezel, waterproof 100 meters, in a new version in black steel sphere rubber and matching . After the model steel and red gold limited series (250 ex. Output… Read More »

The beautiful smartwatch Breitling. But it costs 8,000 EUR

Breitling also gets on the bandwagon of smartwatch with a hybrid product. More chronograph smartwatch, is still able to communicate with your smartphone. The price is staggering, more than 8000 euro. Breitling chronograph Exospace B55 is a high profile and with a vocation smart. Breitling Chronograph calls not connected to the case. The Exospace B55… Read More »

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