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Breitling is a leader in the aviation watch industry and produces some of the finest pilot watches in the world. Breitling’s incredible attention to detail and premier craftsmanship is difficult for counterfeiters to replicate in their fake Breitling watches.

Here are some immediate warning signs to determine a real versus fake Breitling.

1. Weight
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Breitling watches are heavy. They are substantial watches and feel much weightier than even some of their luxury counterparts by Documents Real Conducere De License Kørekort cumpara Falsk Køb Buy Fals Fake Driver's Permis and Omega. If you slip the watch onto your wrist and do not immediately feel its heft, this is a big red flag that the watch in question is a fake Breitling.

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2. The Different Breitling Logos
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Breitling uses two types of logos on its watches. The first—and most easily recognized—is a winged anchor with the Breitling name underneath (above). There are two crucial points to notice in the real Breitling logo that most counterfeiters will not accurately mimic: first, there is a slight gap between the tip of the anchor and the wings, and, second, the inner lines that define the wings do not actually reach the end of the full wingspan. Fake Breitling watches usually miss these minute details with an anchor and wing that touch and lines that hit the end of the wing.

The “B” of the Breitling logo should be raised from the dial’s plane and the Breitling name should be etched into the dial.

The other type of Breitling logo is reserved for Breitling’s Heritage collections and includes the signature cursive “B” above the Breitling name. Examine the logo closely as the “B” should be raised from the dial’s plane and the Breitling name should be etched into the dial. If the “B” is laid flat on the dial, that watch is definitely a fake.

3. The Seconds Hand
The seconds hand of an authentic Breitling watch will end with its iconic “B” and drop into an anchor shape. (Note: not all genuine Breitling watches include this design flourish. Double-check your specific model to see if this seconds hand detail is included.)

When you’re examining the watch in question, scrutinize the B’s width. The B on an authentic Breitling is actually not uniform throughout the lettering; instead, it stylistically becomes wider and thinner at certain points. Inauthentic Breitling watches may approximate the shape of the “B” but with the same width around the entire letter.

Turning your attention to the anchor, the pointed ends of the anchor should be clean and sharp. If the anchor looks too rounded at the ends or lacks definition at its point, you’re likely looking at a fake Breitling.

4. The Calendar Window
A clear warning sign can be found in the calendar window. The numbers within Breitling’s calendar window occupy the entire space. These large numbers are easy to read and clearly drawn. While some convincing fake Breitling watches will include those large numbers, the figures still will not fill the full window space.

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5. The Engraved Buckle
Unclasp the watch and run your fingers across the Breitling engraved on the buckle. You should be able to feel the grooves of each letter. The backside, alternatively, should be perfectly smooth. This engraved detail is likely to be included on a counterfeit Breitling—and even have fairly accurate spacing—but you can clearly feel the difference between the deep lettering of a genuine Breitling and the shallow stamp of a knock-off.

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