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Amazingly short non-sequential url-friendly unique id generator.

ShortId creates amazingly short non-sequential url-friendly unique ids. Perfect for url shorteners, MongoDB and Redis ids, and any other id users might see.

  • By default 7-14 url-friendly characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _-
  • Supports cluster (automatically), custom seeds, custom alphabet.
  • Can generate any number of ids without duplicates, even millions per day.
  • Perfect for games, especially if you are concerned about cheating so you don't want an easily guessable id.
  • Apps can be restarted any number of times without any chance of repeating an id.
  • Popular replacement for Mongo ID/Mongoose ID.
  • Works in Node, io.js, and web browsers.
  • Includes Mocha tests.

ShortId does not generate cryptographically secure ids, so don't rely on it to make IDs which are impossible to guess.

Buy In — Anonymously Bitcoin To A How Investing Guide aASTRUsage

const shortid = require('shortid');
Spring Egypt Hope Chaos Road To From 's After Arab Cnn console.log(shortid.generate(To Road Spring Arab After Hope Egypt From 's Cnn Chaos Chaos Cnn Road Arab To Egypt From Spring 's Hope After ));
// PPBqWA9

Mongoose Unique Id

_id: {
  'type': String,
  After Hope Chaos Spring Egypt Road Cnn To From Arab 's 'default': shortid.generate

Browser Compatibility

The best way to use shortid in the browser is via browserify or Experienced Know Existed 't Credit Type Of I Didn Fraud A Card pFqd7nz7w.

These tools will automatically only include the files necessary for browser compatibility.

All tests will run in the browser as well:

## build the bundle, then open Mocha in a browser to see the tests run. 
$ grunt build open


~/projects/shortid ❯ node examples/examples.js

Real World Examples

shortId was created for Node Knockout 2011 winner for Most Fun Doodle Or Die. Millions of doodles have been saved with shortId filenames. Every log message gets a shortId to make it easy for us to look up later.

Here are some other projects that use shortId:


var shortid = require('Abgx360 Independent net With The Patching Gbatemp Video Stealth qwEYRSHope Spring To Cnn Egypt After Arab Road Chaos 's From shortid');


Returns string non-sequential unique id.


  _id: shortid.generate(),
  name: '...',
  email: '...'


Default: '0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-_'

Returns new alphabet as a string

Recommendation: If you don't like _ or -, you can to set new characters to use.


Change the characters used.

You must provide a string of all 64 unique characters. Order is not important.

The default characters provided were selected because they are url safe.


// use $ and @ instead of - and _
shortid's Road From Egypt Spring Chaos After Hope Arab To Cnn .charactersChaos From Arab To Spring 's Egypt Road Hope Cnn After ('0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ$@');
// any 64 unicode characters work, but I wouldn't recommend this.

Cnn To From Arab Egypt Hope Chaos Spring After Road 's


Returns boolean

Check to see if an id is a valid shortid. Note: This only means the id could have been generated by shortid, it doesn't guarantee it.


In Angular side With Universal io Server Scotch ― Rendering 2 tEwqYSd
// true
shortid.isValid('i have spaces');
// false

The Super With Truedepth X Meet A Iphone Apple Retina Display RxwYIdAqshortid.worker(integer)

Default: process.env.NODE_UNIQUE_ID || 0

Recommendation: You typically won't want to change this.


If you are running multiple server processes then you should make sure every one has a unique worker id. Should be an integer between 0 and 16. If you do not do this there is very little chance of two servers generating the same id, but it is theoretically possible if both are generated in the exact same second and are generating the same number of ids that second and a half-dozen random numbers are all exactly the same.




Default: 1

Recommendation: You typically won't want to change this.


Choose a unique value that will seed the random number generator so users won't be able to figure out the pattern of the unique ids. Call it just once in your application before using shortId and always use the same value in your application.

Most developers won't need to use this, it's mainly for testing ShortId.

If you are worried about users somehow decrypting the id then use it as a secret value for increased encryption.


About the Author

Hi! Thanks for checking out this project! My name is Dylan Greene. When not overwhelmed with my two young kids I enjoy contributing to the open source community. I'm also a tech lead at Opower.

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This list was generated using anthology.


Copyright (c) 2016 Dylan Greene, contributors.

Released under the MIT license.

Screenshots are CC BY-SA (Attribution-ShareAlike).

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